The software is managed from the cloud, facilitating access and updating from any location.

In real time

The update of the content of the screens is reflected in multiple displays in real time


The administration of the screens can be segmented by permissions and access according to the role of the person

Characteristics of digital billboards

Digital signage is an excellent communication tool, facilitating content management from multiple monitors simultaneously, optimizing uptime, and enhancing user experience. These screens are located at strategic points in the establishment to inform visitors about the latest news, the weather, the map or signage of the space, events and much more.

  • Efficient communication

    Offer up-to-date and dynamic information to your audience

  • Marketing strategy

    Generate greater demand for your services and products through a digital communication tool

  • Control

    Optimize operability and control content delivery across the entire digital display network centrally

  • Automation

    Design templates according to your brand and automatically schedule the publication of the content on the entire network of screens.

Benefits of digital billboards

Digital billboards are an excellent tool for the development and implementation of the communication and marketing strategy, which allow you to configure news, flight statuses, space marking, maps, events, images, videos among other formats, adaptable to the objective and message intent.

¿Why use digital billboards in your establishment?

  • Get greater brand visibility

  • Dynamic and real-time communication

  • Control content and brand standard

  • Content control and easy to automate